D & B Logistics, Inc., was created to address a need - transportation cost control.
We have been providing the solution to this problem to our clients since 1992. We can do the same for you.


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We provide a cost-efficient value-added approach to the process of freight payment coupled with effectively monitoring the accuracy of the provided service and accurately reporting the results.
Freight payment is a complex and costly process that combines accounts payable, freight bill rating, cost analysis and cost allocation; none of which is part of your central marketing purpose.
Today in a challenged economy businesses must determine where their efforts are to be directed so as to generate the most profit with the least overhead; a simple concept that is clouded with exceptions and obstacles. In this environment, corporate management must determine if their goal is keeping all functions in house at the risk of wasting resources in maintaining non-core processes or effectively outsourcing.
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Beware of Check Scams.
Recently, we have been made aware of check scams involving Western Union. Our business makes check payments for transportation expenses, and uses positive pay to prevent fraud. If you have received a check that you are concerned about,
please call us at 781-829-4500.

D & B Logistics, Inc., has taken a step forward in International commerce by expanding the payment options on behalf of our clients to include payments in Canadian funds. This extra feature allows us to satisfy the audit and payments needs of present and future clients beyond the borders of the United States.

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With D & B Logistics, Inc.  running the Logistics of your company can be as easy as writing one check.

Ever feel that chasing money in post audit isn't the best use of your time?  With D&B's post-audit systems we can save you time and money.

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